Narrow land is not a problem, here are 5 decorating inspirations for a minimalist garden

Often being at home during this pandemic makes some of us have a hobby of gardening. When the plant collection continues to grow, of course you want all your favorite plants to be neatly and beautifully arranged. A minimalist garden in front or behind the house will certainly add to the charm of your home. Many decorative elements can be applied to decorate the minimalist garden. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Minimalist gardens have a characteristic appearance that is simple and does not use many variations of plants and other elements. Therefore, elements for minimalist garden decoration must also be able to compensate for the simple appearance of the garden. Here’s the inspiration for beautiful elements for minimalist garden decorations that you can choose.

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Vertical Garden

Vertical garden is very suitable as a minimalist garden element because it saves space but adds to the beauty of the garden. The vertical garden design can be adjusted to the available area on the home page. Vertical gardens as elements for decorating a minimalist garden in front of the house, for example, can be made not to cover the entire garden wall. You can clear some wall areas to create a unique vertical garden look. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga


Vines are a practical choice for decorating a minimalist garden in front of your house. The beauty of the vines will be in harmony with the charm of a minimalist garden in front of the house. To make the vines look neater, add irons arranged as a place for the plants to wrap their stems. The vines will provide shade in your minimalist garden.


Add elements of small rocks or coral in your minimalist home garden. These coral stones not only function as decorative elements, but also to prevent the garden from being flooded when it rains. Choose black coral for a natural look or white coral for a modern minimalist garden look. House Furniture Solution

stepping stone

In addition to coral, also add elements of stepping stones or stepping stones as your foothold when crossing the garden. With this stepping stone you don’t have to worry about the grass dying or being damaged by being stepped on. This minimalist garden decoration with stepping stones is also very functional because it plays an important role in avoiding the risk of slipping when the garden is wet when it rains.

Plant rack or hanging pot

If your yard is not too wide, you can use plant racks or hanging pots and other ornamental plant vases. There are many kinds of plant shelves and hanging pots that can be applied to a minimalist garden. Several types of hanging pots are made of wire, macrame rope, or made of iron. Plant racks and hanging pots are also practical because their placement can be adjusted to the type of plant. You can also easily move shelves or hanging pots from time to time to give your plants the sun they need or protect them in the shade. Property New

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