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17 cool things you never knew about Easter #3 Last

13 The White House’s first Easter egg roll was in 1878.

Rutherford B. Hayes was the president at the time. But it was President Nixon who first included a rabbit in the festivities with a member of his wife’s staff as the lucky person who managed to wear the costume. Real estate property

14 Easter is the second largest holiday that consumes sweets.

It only appears in second after Halloween, respectively. Americans spent approximately $ 1.9 billion on Easter sweets last year.

15 It took more than a day to tweet.

Approximately 27 hours, to be more precise. That was in 1953, when each piece of candy was made by hand from a pastry tube, but today they have machines that have dramatically accelerated (!) The process to just six minutes.

16 Americans eat more than 600 million tweets over Easter.

This makes Peeps the most popular chocolate-free Easter candy. The Belém, Pennsylvania, plant produces an impressive million people a year and 4 million a day.

17 Most Americans bite a chocolate bunny’s ears first.

In fact, 76% say it is where they take the first bite, followed by 5% who eat their feet first and 4% who eat their tail first.

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17 cool things you never knew about Easter #2

6 pretzels are also linked to Easter.

Supposedly, it is because the pretzel turns look like folded arms in prayer. You can pay homage to the candy and everything it represents by making these chocolate candies at home. Real estate property

7 The Easter Bunny does not always lay eggs.

The fluffy rabbit comes from the Anglo-Saxon festival of Eastre, which featured a goddess of spring who used the rabbit to represent fertility. It was not until the Germans settled in Pennsylvania, in 1700, that the tradition of the breeding rabbit arrived in the United States.

8 Buying new clothes for Easter comes from superstition.

In the mid-19th century in New York, people believed that buying new clothes to wear for Easter would bring them good luck for the rest of the year. And, fortunately for us, the custom continues today.

9 The largest chocolate egg in the world was made in Italy.

The largest chocolate Easter egg in the world was manufactured in Italy in April 2011. It was 34 feet 1.05 inches long and weighed approximately 15,873 pounds.

10 Meanwhile, Easter hats are a relatively new concept in the USA. USA

In 1933, composer Irving Berlin introduced Easter Bonnet into American pop culture with his ballad “Easter Parade”. Today, it remains one of the most popular songs for the holidays.

11 The decoration of the eggs comes from a Ukrainian tradition.

Decorated eggs were called pysankas, made with wax and dyes. It was not until Ukrainian immigrants arrived in the USA. USA That colorful custom has become popular.

12 During medieval times, a very different game was played with eggs.

Can you imagine throwing an egg at the church? Well, this is exactly what used to happen. The priest threw a boiled egg at one of the choir boys, continued to play for his companions, and the one who held the egg when the clock struck 12 was the winner and managed to keep it.

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17 cool things you never knew about Easter #1

Today, Easter is all about egg hunt and chocolate rabbits. But, when stocking sweet and plastic eggs, you may be wondering where these traditions originated from. Here are some interesting facts behind Easter’s most common symbols and customs. Real estate property

1 The eggs are dyed to represent the blood of Jesus Christ.

In Eastern Orthodox and Catholic churches, eggs are dyed red to represent the blood of Jesus, before being blessed and distributed to parishioners. Now, they are mainly a fun way to celebrate spring, especially with creative decorating ideas.

2 Most adults prefer milk chocolate to dark chocolate.

In fact, adults are twice as likely to prefer dairy products, so keep that in mind if you’re buying a sweet Easter surprise. Or try making a homemade gift.

3 Good Friday is only honored in some states.

Although Good Friday is an important holiday for all Catholics, only 12 of the 50 states consider Friday before Easter to be a real federal holiday. Most of the country will work on Good Friday.

4 Giving eggs is a symbol of “rebirth” in many cultures.

The egg symbolizes new life, fertility and rebirth in many parts of the world. Thanks to the rounded shape, it has also been used as a symbol of the earth and our connection with nature.

5 Americans will consume more than 16 million jelly beans.

They are enough jelly beans to travel the world not once, not twice, but three times, or to fill a plastic egg the size of a nine-story building.

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30 cool ways to add spring flowers to your home Part 3 End

Go Heavy on Greens

This delightfully covered bouquet expands its rustic design when placed in a birch vase, and its “newly chosen” style is especially striking next to a succulent terrarium. Real estate property

Flower power

There is no need to water – hang bunches of dry lavender on doors and windows for an extra touch of color and perfume. Or better yet, hang a bunch of fresh lavender and let it dry in place.

Use a Chrome container

For a glam look, try using a metallic vase. This will make your flowers look even more sophisticated, like these bright orange roses.

Minimalist spruce decor

For an all-white decor, viburnum stalks add vegetation without overdoing it.

Stick to single branches

For those of us still in Flower Arrangement 101, place a single branch of jasmine in a small vase to create a stage.

Mix of contrasting colors

Floral trends are gravitating towards disparate colors; therefore, stay up to date by combining yellow and purple tree peonies, buttercups and carnations for a dramatic display.

Use a pot of tea (or coffee!)

Teapots are the container of the day on Pinterest, but for taller flowers like dahlias, look in China for a suitable coffee pot.

Add a fruity touch

Sliced ??lemons add a fun surprise from hydrangeas and dolphins.

Decorate your fence

Add extra color to your yard by attaching flower pots to a flat fence and then filling them with petunias.

Disguise stems with fruit

Line a common glass vase with slices of fruit to hide the stems and liven up a bunch of wildflowers.

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30 cool ways to add spring flowers to your home Part 2

Mix and match sweet peas

Choose discreet pastels or bolder tones, but either way you can’t miss these butterfly flowers. For a more complete bouquet, add magenta sweet peas to hyacinths and bright pink lisianthus. Real estate property

Use wheat grass

“Bring the outdoors inside,” says Denis Porcaro of Flower Girl NYC. “Simple wheat grass adds a bright green accent: they can be cut, potted and mixed with spring flowers in pastel tone”

Using art for Inspo

Get floral inspiration from an unlikely source. Putnam & Putnam’s Darroch Putnam says more florists are looking for historic art in search of ‘new’ color palettes.

Combine button vases

Trapped on a shiny silver tray, a group of incompatible glasses (but all transparent) is unexpected, but not full. In addition, this arrangement offers each flower an individual leadership role.

Choose wild flowers

The flowers on the road can be perfectly polished indoors. Harvest several dozen and create an overflowing bouquet for the kitchen.

Pairing flowers with a birdhouse

Place your next birdhouse inside a group of clematis to organize your feathered friend’s resting place.

Create an eclectic mix

Can’t you choose just one? Become spring staples, such as poppies, daffodils and grape hyacinths, for an eclectic but visually cohesive group.

Swap vases for ginger jars

The only thing more beautiful than blue and white porcelain is to show an impressive arrangement of flowers inside.

Rainbow connection

Display a variety of colors in a pair of glass vases to light a sideboard or use as a centerpiece for the dining table.

Use unlikely containers

Check cabinets (or label sales) for whimsical glass containers, like glasses or test tubes, looking for an unexpected vase.

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30 cool ways to add spring flowers to your home Part 1

Your garden is not the only place where spring flowers should thrive. If you’re ready to banish winter and start spring, these flower arrangement ideas will keep your home cool all season (indoors and out!), If you prefer hydrangeas and tulips or freshly harvested wildflowers and vegetables. Real estate property

Bring your garden inside

Spring means gardens full of lilacs and tulips, so combine them indoors too. Complete with any nearby vegetation, advises designer Carolyne Roehm.

Pair of warm tint

Pink, red, and orange tulips evoke a fiery sunset when mixed, so consider combining colors from a palette of similar temperature.

Disguise stems and cloudy water

Pro tip: Hide the stems and cloudy water with an opaque vase. It is also the perfect cover for the frog or foam flower that keeps the branches blooming in place.

Arrange flowers asymmetrically

Don’t take an integrated approach – split a bouquet in half and highlight two flower varieties, like this asymmetrical arrangement of tulips and pear blossoms.

Choose a complementary vase

For a striking accent, think of the color wheel and choose complementary colors for the container and flowers. For example, peach roses make a statement when placed in a bright blue vase.

Add natural fragrance

Artistically groomed and sweet-smelling lilacs really say “It’s spring!” They’re also perfect for adding a pop of color to a simple detail table like this.

Display large flowers in clusters

Why only your backyard can enjoy all the hydrangea flowers? A large group can animate any table, even blank.

Create a magical entry

It takes a little dedication, but training wisteria vines around the door of a country house is a worthy and long-term gardening project, if you want a statement entry.

Use variety to add movement

“By giving the flowers room to breathe and thus allowing the flowers to stand out on their own, you can create a beautiful feeling of depth and volume that is light and airy, but still lush and full,” says Taylor Patterson, Forage Farm fox.

Add a floral mandrel

The addition of a pergola will instantly transform your garden into a romantic getaway, not to mention it’s a beautiful place to display vineyards and vines.

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30 fun pool floats that you will want to rest for the whole summer

Every year, the floating news industry seems to really increase the bet. Seriously, the art of inflatables has really advanced especially in recent years. Now, food and animal themed pool floats are the main ones, and it’s more difficult to find one that doesn’t fit your personality than to find one that you love that is unique: whatever, it’s probably already a pool float.

If you want a floating pool as fun in the sun as it is worthy of Instagram, say no more. Below you will find the coolest floats of this summer, from illuminated swans and giant pretzels to bagels and retro convertibles. Here’s something for everyone, and all these floats are guaranteed to make your sunny pool days a little more memorable. Real estate property

1 garden sprinkler for dinosaurs

This giant inflatable dinosaur is actually an sprinkler, which means you can enjoy it even if you don’t have a swimming pool.

2 swan float with giant LED light

If you are a fan of night swimming, this LED swan will make you float well after sunset.

3 Flamingo party island

This gigantic flamenco fits four adults comfortably, so you and your friends can float together.

4 Float Toro Inflat-A-Bull

Turn your swimming pool into a normal rodeo with this inflatable float.

Float with 5 oysters

Aspiring sirens, let me introduce you to the float of your dreams.

Pink float of 6 bottles

With this pool float, you can also drink your wine and rest.

Float 7 Berry Pink Splash

If you are more of a Starbucks drinker than a wine lover, you need this pool float.

8 private jets

If you can’t fly in a private jet, you can at least float in one.

9 Angel Wings vinyl float float for Intex pool

This angel wing float is large enough to spread and is truly impressive for Instagram.

10 giant pretzel float

You can save this salty pretzel for yourself or you can share it with two other friends.


What you need to know about mushroom lamps

The best lamps, in my opinion, have personality: think of Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast, or the jovial desk lamps that jump from the Pixar bunny (called Luxo Sr. and Luxo Jr, in case you ask) . Are their hats shaded, the fact that they shine? Whatever the reason, some lamps are frankly friendly. The decoration pets. Real estate property

And nobody has more charisma than the mushroom lamp. With their clean and rounded lines and their squatting arrangement, these retro favorites are returning to the mainstream and our homes will be happier places for it.

In general, mushroom lamps are those that resemble the standard button of a grocery store: a bell-shaped shadow on a stem base, usually made of hard materials. They leaned towards the industrial rather than the flyers (it is not a nuance of paper in sight), and it is probably this simplicity that made the mushroom shape so attractive to contemporary designers. No matter what the style of the room, a mushroom lamp probably fits.

Today, you can find new mushroom lamps everywhere, from the worldwide Cost Plus market to Flower By Drew, but it was some specific projects from the 70s that cemented the term and form in our modern design lexicon: the Murano glass design by Gambaro and Poggi for Vetri and La Panthella by Verner Panton for Louis Poulsen. Retro lovers can still find these originals on Etsy, Ebay and 1stDibs. Give it a name: Portobello! Enoki! And call him someday.


Target’s new suitcase collection, ‘Open Story’, offers features such as integrated USB ports and super quiet wheels

If you are looking for stylish and reliable luggage for your spring and summer trips, look no further than Target. Open Story, Target’s premium luggage collection made by and for travel lovers, launched in stores earlier this month and is now officially available for online ordering! Real estate property

The incredibly stylish collection features nearly 40 pieces, priced between $ 19.99 and $ 179.99. Buyers can choose from a variety of colorful travel wallets, packs of packing cubes, hand luggage bags, even suitcases of different sizes (Target even points out which bags you will need to check and which ones qualify to transport!).

This line is truly unique, as the retailer has given much thought to all the ways in which this luggage could help improve the travel experience. The Traveler Backpack, for example, has a cart box designed to fit perfectly in the handle of a bag with wheels to carry it effortlessly. Other notable features include integrated USB ports so you can always charge while traveling, in addition to extremely quiet wheels; therefore, at least when you run through the airport, it does not create much outcry. In addition, the luggage is also designed to be 20% larger than comparable brands, which means it will have more space for all those memories


Rufino report: 17 ways to improve your home this March Part 2 End

Tattersall Umbrella

Every gentleman must have one. Real estate property

Large match box glove

Good matchbox? Instant bathroom update.

Polished horn whiskey glass

If you don’t like whiskey, use it as a pen.

Middle Vetiver’s Nest

The most striking cocoon.

Highly polished mixed river stones

When you run out of central ideas, put them on a plate.

Mistral Trend Cutlery Olivewood

They are obviously elegant and the carved wood feels good in your hand.


Never leave home without twins.

Linen wallpaper in Aspero

Earth tones never go out of style.

Sanur frontier

This would be an excellent curtain ornament.


16 modern ways to decorate a butler’s pantry 9-16 End

Facilitates the transition

Paint the walls with a dark color that goes from the kitchen to the dining room. In this butler’s pantry designed by deVol Kitchens, the deep marine hue adds a formal touch. Real estate property

Add activity lighting

If you plan to do some preparation in the pantry, we recommend that you are equipped with ideal lighting. Interior designer Andrew Flesher opted for bright white paint, lacquered furniture while reflecting light and two additional pendants in the work area.

Schedule an appointment

Inspired by sculptor Louise Nevelson, interior designer Michelle Nussbaumer found extravagant finds: a bottle of Topo Chico, clock gears and antique bicycle parts, for custom wardrobes in the fabulous butler’s pantry. The takeaway? Just because it is a glorified corridor / miniature kitchen, does not mean that it cannot shine in style.

Keep It Casual

Although it is traditionally an elegant room, you can keep it informal. In a farmhouse, make the butler’s pantry chic, with outdoor copper utensils, school wall sconces and a rustic sink. Leanne Ford Interiors placed a bouquet of wildflowers in a jar to relive it and hung the linen fabric in front of the sink to hide the space.

Embed art

The framed works of art, supported by the wall of the floating shelf, illuminate and dress the pantry of this butler designed by Studio DB. Light gray paint and sophisticated marble make it elegant and functional.

Make it multipurpose

Metallic wallpaper is the perfect backdrop for a good-natured and intimate pantry, a home bar or a butler’s pantry. Studio DB combined it with black marble surfaces and stained wood wardrobes to complete the look.

Tuck It Away

If there is no door that separates the pantry and the dining room, hide the main counter space and the storage unit in the corner to keep it out of sight. Or, if you don’t have a pantry, choose a section of the kitchen closest to the dining room to turn it into an improvised version of one.

Extend the kitchen

If you need additional work space because your kitchen is too small, make the butler’s pantry an extension of the kitchen. Here, DeVol Kitchens aligns the shelves with dry ingredients and cooking utensils placed under the counter, so that it can be used as a cooking station.


16 modern ways to decorate a butler’s pantry 1-8

The butler’s pantry, or pantry, refers to the transition space between the kitchen and the dining room (although there is no person with a bow tie preparing the appetizer and cocktails present). Butler’s pantries were the norm in formal and luxurious homes dating back to the 18th century. according to SFGate. They have evolved over the years for several reasons, some related to architectural trends, such as the rise of the floor plan, as well as the change in social attitudes. Real estate property

Today, unlike the old common pantry – also known as the room with all the snacks and therefore also known as the real heart of the house – the butler’s pantry is intended to facilitate entertainment, providing space for preparation and storage of tools and barware. Think of it as an elevated corridor: it’s-in-home-bar-meets-mini-kitchen-prep-station-meets-glorified-wardrobe. If you’re lucky enough to have one at your house (or are thinking of buying one), read on for sixteen elegant butler pantry ideas that bring past space into the modern era.

Keep It Classic

Interior architect Heather Hilliard kept this light, bright and classic pantry with printed wallpaper, white paint and showcases. The blue glasses on the top shelf also add a nice touch of color.

Opt for open shelves

Krysta Gibbons, from Kipling House Interiors, divided a large kitchen into two rooms: the main kitchen, where all cooking is done, and the kitchen / pantry. It is basically a modern butler’s pantry, where all bulky appliances are stored, as well as food and dishes. It is equipped with open shelves for maximum comfort and a ladder to reach the objects stored in the upper cabinets. This helps to make a high-traffic family kitchen run smoothly.

Invest in a wine refrigerator

Not only are symmetrical wine coolers aesthetically pleasing, they are also conveniently positioned and offer excellent use of extra space. The smoked mirror backsplash brings the right touch of formal style to this space also designed by Studio DB. So it’s the perfect combination of a home bar and a butler’s pantry.

Free up counter space

Designed by Chango & Co., this butler’s pantry will facilitate entertainment. The long and spacious countertops offer plenty of space for preparation and the cupboards ensure that all your dishes are stored comfortably close to the dining room.

Prepare it for the photo

This butler’s pantry designed by Catherine Kwong is more like a chic home bar. The cabinets and the hidden minibar offer plenty of space, so the surfaces are free for furniture and preparation work.

Enjoy vertical space

If you have high ceilings, enjoy it with layers of floating shelves. Brady Tolbert of Emily Henderson Design used gold brackets to anchor the shelves and add a metallic touch.

Add extra devices

If the butler’s pantry is large enough to look like a small kitchen, stock it with extras like an oven and a coffee maker. Warm up and add color and fantasy with a small rug. Interior designer Michelle Nussbaumer also chose a warm color palette and packs many textured materials in a small space.

Install a pocket door

Choose a pocket door. If you want to hide the butler’s pantry from the dining room, consider installing a pocket door. This will keep the transition space out of sight without taking up additional space. Interior designer Jenn Feldman kept it simple to complement the room’s classic and contemporary style.


Rufino report: 17 ways to improve your home this March Part 1

Every month, Robert Rufino, the man from the city of HB, collects the high-level accents he is obsessed with at the moment. Here are your elections for March and why you love them. Your inspiration? “It’s time to take a short walk on the beach: pale sky, sand. A fresh start.” Reports provided by Emma Bazilian, Brittney Morgan, Sara Rodrigues. Real estate property

Pillowcase for animals

Too bold? Never. The animal print is neutral!

Acacia bowl

A bowl like this is perfect for everything from salads to clips.

Large ribbed cashmere plaid

Who would say no to cashmere?

Net Sham

Blue bedding is the new white. It is perpetually crunchy.

Round flat magazine in rattan tava

Get a game: it’s the easiest way to dress a table.
Market bag with monogram

A monogram and a strip show that the canvas can be sophisticated.


Why wavy mirrors are suddenly everywhere

When it comes to choosing an affirmation mirror, the basic round and rectangular shapes become as boring as a high school geometry class. Therefore, we are pleased to report that we have seen more asymmetrical, curiously curved and, in general, avant-garde mirrors that recently adorn the homes of trendsetters and avant-garde designers. Maybe these unique and wavy mirrors are a contemporary version of the classic Pink Ultrafragola corrugated floor mirror in all the big stores (there is one in the SoHo Opening Ceremony store, for example RIP), or maybe it’s just a change to another style soft and capricious. Decoration in general. Real estate property

If you are not familiar with the original neon backlit mirror, you were dreamed by the Italian architect and designer of Austrian origin Ettore Sottsass in 1970. Sottsass, whom The Guardian nicknamed “The godfather of the Italian cold”, was the founder of the movement of design from Memphis, which avoided minimalism in favor of surprising colors and geometric shapes.

The revival of Memphis design in recent years (The Met Breuer organized a lively Sottsass exhibition in 2017 and designer Raquel Cayre amassed a healthy Instagram after publishing Memphis designs under the designer’s name; then he gave birth to the account at an exhibition house in 2018) certainly speaks of the growing popularity of maximalism.

Or perhaps the well-formed mirrors that we have seen more and more are experiencing a moment because they embody a Wabi-Sabi mental state, a traditional Japanese aesthetic that finds beauty in natural imperfections, which seems a welcome divergence of the cookie cutter. , a mass-produced direction in which our world is expiring With its soft, organic, curved and oblong shapes, many of these mirrors adapt to that spirit.

However, whatever the reason, we are here for corrugated mirrors of all shapes and sizes. And although it is definitely trendy right now, the roots of the wavy mirror show that it has a permanence power.


Zellige Tile is the bathroom trend that is conquering the Internet Part 2

6 Use it everywhere

Combine your zellige tile backsplash with the tiled floor and shower walls, as done in this eclectic high impact bathroom designed by ETC.etera for the Firehouse Hotel. Real estate property

7 monochrome

We love the modern monochromatic look of this pantry designed by Arent & Pyke. Zellige tiles create a geometric backsplash comfortably above the pull-out shelves.

8 Just add a splash

Yes, these blocks can be expensive, but a big impact isn’t necessary. Zellige is the perfect counterpart to leaner design elements, such as the Shaker cabinets in this kitchen designed by Heidi Caillier Design.

9 Create a Mosiac

In this sophisticated corner of the Kingston Lafferty Design kitchen, the mosaic of colored tiles and zellige extends on the upper part, making the niche stand out even more.

10 pairs with a contrasting floor

Heidi Caillier Design has chosen to use zellige tiles on the walls of this shower for a feeling of earth that contrasts well with the fun and energizing green tiles on the bathroom floor.

11 Hide the mortar

The sparkling golden details of this bathroom, designed by Arent & Pyke, stand out against the grooved drawers in dark gray and black appliques. Gold works well with the pale blush zellige tile backsplash to warm up cool tones throughout.

12 Hide a hood

The zellige tiles in this space of Heidi Caillier Design create a rooted and sophisticated aesthetic and atmosphere, shiny and easy to use. This is due to the tiled hood, which transforms a typically bulky object into something elegant.

13 Create a pattern

Like the subway tiles, zellige tiles look especially beautiful when you create patterns with blocked colors. In this space designed by ETC.etera, the thin red stripe corresponds to the red floor and also breaks the white walls.

14 Opt for a neutral

In this texture-rich kitchen designed by Arent & Pyke, light zellige tiles add even more depth and intrigue. Warm tones on its surface soften the white ceiling.
Hadley Mendelsohn, design editor Hadley Mendelsohn is design editor at House Beautiful, and when she’s not busy obsessing over everything related to furniture, you can find her vintage stores, read or stumble because she probably lost her glasses again.


Zellige Tile is the bathroom trend that is conquering the Internet

So you love the look of tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, but you’re ready to train beyond the classic subway look. Welcome, you are in the right place. Zellige tiles (pronounced zil-EEHJ; also the name looks fresh and sophisticated) are ultra-shiny handmade tiles with wabi-sabi charm. Although more commonly square, they are available in all shapes and sizes and, due to the imperfect nature of the enamel, the color variations are also infinite. Conclusion: Zellige tiles are having a lot of fun in design in 2020, which is a welcome surprise at a time when everything seems to be mass-produced and mass-produced. Read on for fourteen splendid examples that you want to replicate at home. Real estate property

1 Surrounding a fireplace

A unique cooking process makes zellige tiles super resistant and therefore popular in kitchens and bathrooms. But elsewhere they can also be functional: the designer Eva Holbrook places them around this fireplace to protect the wall from the heat.

2 Choose small tiles

The zellige tiles used in this powder room designed by Hecker Guthrie are thinner than most, creating an effect similar to the sequins. Combined with dark black details and elegant white marble, this sparkling glow makes you feel like you’re inside a disco ball.

3 Go with classic white

The texture of the glossy finish shines much more than the normal subway. To hold a small section of zellige accents, add a floating shelf just above it, as in this space designed by Arent & Pyke.

4 Highlight a color

One of the many cool things about zellige tiles is that you can create a cocoon tonal effect, as each tile offers more variety than a single shade of paint. ETC.etera has chosen a rainbow of roses for this mosaic shower.

5 pairs with contrasting material

This huge shower is covered with wall-to-wall zellige tiles, while the bathtub is surrounded by marble protruding from floor to floor. Studio DB designed this almost colorless bathroom, but has a rich narrative plot.

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Bunny Williams’ new floral sculptures are our favorite flowers not to be killed

Fresh flowers are always a good gift, but they are also expensive, especially considering that they last only a few days. Designer Bunny Williams has found a better way: sculptures of floral specimens that are much more exclusive – and long lasting – than artificial flowers, and you can use them in more than just centerpieces. Part of Williams’ new spring / summer collection for Ballard Designs, the pieces are inspired by ancient botanical sculptures that had previously been used for educational purposes. Real estate property

There are five champions in total and they range from $ 49 to $ 79 each. Each sculpture is handmade in galvanized iron, resin and wood and all are hand painted. And, as Williams herself points out in the product description, they offer options. “These unusual floral objects would be wonderful grouped on a table or fireplace,” he notes. Collect them all at your home, offer a gift to your host


Prepare the nursery for your little one with these smart storage ideas Part 2

8 Use the seaweed basket

Keep a basket on the floor to throw away towels and other necessities. Seaweed baskets, such as the Chango & Co. spacecraft, are the best in the nursery, as they are soft and easy to move from place to place. Real estate property

9 reuse old furniture

We are investigating the use of unexpected and vibrant colors in this nursery designed by Steven Sclaroff. The green background of the wallpaper still looks young, thanks to the extravagant pattern, and the red-orange carpet adds a wave of energy. The classic armchair and dresser will also add functionality and style to the family home for years to come.

10 Use an elegant basket

So you have a place to count clean items, but what about dirty ones? Opt for a stylish basket, beautiful enough to be outdoors and in a convenient location. We also love how Chango & Co. hung a cell phone on a changing mat instead of the crib here.

11 Install a floating cubicle

Do you want to take it to a higher level of floating shelves? Try a floating dresser, like this one. It combines very well with white paint and frees up more space on the wall for fun decoration and works of art.

12 Opt for built-in drawers

You can’t miss out on a built-in reading corner, regardless of your child’s age. Even better? A built-in reading corner with integrated drawers below. This spacious designed by Chango & Co. has a lot of depth, perfect for going out and reading.

13 Customize the built-in

Adding floor-to-ceiling built-in cabinets will always be helpful. Jenn Feldman Design lined the bottom of the shelves with wallpaper to make them stand out more.

14 Hide your storage unit

This is Baby Dove’s room in Malin’s room. Strategically hide the storage shelf in the surrounding corner with furniture.

15 Use side tables

When buying side tables, choose one with multiple levels. Free up tables and surface spaces by installing sconces instead of using table lamps. We love yellow in this space designed by Chango & Co, which really lights up the walls.

16 Create a library shelf

Improve story time by adding a small floating shelf library to display all of your favorite books before bed. Designed by Jenn Feldman, the book collection serves as a decoration, enlivening the white walls.

17 hanging towel hooks

If there is an adjoining inn, the nursery installs hooks on the door so you can hang your towels quickly and easily when you are finished using them.


13 of the most chic bathrooms you can buy online at any price 6-13

6 Essential bath set

This stylish and modern 5-piece set comes in five colors and features a bath brush, a tray, a soap dispenser, a bucket and a storage plate, and you can also buy a matching waste bin. Real estate property

Bath set 7 phenomena

This grid print is a fun way to add a small pattern to your bathroom and it also comes in other colors. If black and white is not bold enough for you, try the coral!

8 Launis Bath Collection

If you want something really luxurious, choose this beautiful collection of metals. Each piece is sold separately, in the price range of $ 24 to $ 48 (and $ 78 for the trash).

Bath set 9 Cade Matte Blush

This super affordable matte bath set is as cute as it is elegant and comes in four other colors if the blush doesn’t match your space, including a beautiful dusty blue.

10 Sanitary ware made of cement

This bathroom set keeps it simple, but the cement look gives each piece an industrial touch.

11 bath accessories Ducale Black

These beautiful bathroom accessories are made with resin injected with paint and will definitely give your bathroom a fresh and changing environment. Each piece is sold separately, for between $ 30 and $ 60 – $ 100 per trash can.

Collection 12 bathrooms Teal Glass

Each piece of this teal bathroom set sells for less than $ 12, so while the pieces are sold separately, it is still a total steal.

13 bathroom accessories made of acacia and black marble

This exclusive collection is made with acacia wood and black marble, and each piece sells for $ 17 to $ 38.


13 of the most chic bathrooms you can buy online at any price 1-5

Bathrooms, especially tiny bathrooms in apartments and rented ones, can be difficult to model. You have to get that perfect combination of form and function and, at the same time, you are more limited in the way you can infuse your space with color and personality. One of the easiest ways to do this is to choose beautiful bathroom accessories that can do a lot of heavy lifting and also serve an important purpose. A cute soap dispenser can make a difference in the world (even if all you do is smile when you wash your hands!), And a coordinated set is even better. If you are looking for the perfect bathroom set, look no further: if your personal style is more modern or sophisticated or if you prefer neutral or bright colors, this list has you covered. Oh, and there’s something for every budget too. Real estate property

1 set of pink glass bathroom with 5 pieces

You can’t go wrong with a cheap, nice glass bathroom set in pink.

2 5 piece marble bathroom sets

If your style is elegant in white marble, use this set. It comes with a soap dispenser, a glass, a cloth cover, a soap dish and a toothbrush holder, all for less than $ 50.

Bistro 3 tile bath collection

Anthropologie’s ever-popular Bistro collection isn’t just for the kitchen, and these bathroom accessories prove it. They don’t come in a set, but you can get each piece for $ 16 to $ 20.

4 Polished porcelain bathroom accessories

The multifaceted style of these simple bathroom accessories gives them a little more personality, and the Blue Sea Salt coloring is totally chic.

Iridescent mosaic bathroom set 5

Do you like some sparkle? This impressive set of three iridescent green mosaics will shine in the light and cost just $ 25.