Why wavy mirrors are suddenly everywhere

When it comes to choosing an affirmation mirror, the basic round and rectangular shapes become as boring as a high school geometry class. Therefore, we are pleased to report that we have seen more asymmetrical, curiously curved and, in general, avant-garde mirrors that recently adorn the homes of trendsetters and avant-garde designers. Maybe these unique and wavy mirrors are a contemporary version of the classic Pink Ultrafragola corrugated floor mirror in all the big stores (there is one in the SoHo Opening Ceremony store, for example RIP), or maybe it’s just a change to another style soft and capricious. Decoration in general. Real estate property

If you are not familiar with the original neon backlit mirror, you were dreamed by the Italian architect and designer of Austrian origin Ettore Sottsass in 1970. Sottsass, whom The Guardian nicknamed “The godfather of the Italian cold”, was the founder of the movement of design from Memphis, which avoided minimalism in favor of surprising colors and geometric shapes.

The revival of Memphis design in recent years (The Met Breuer organized a lively Sottsass exhibition in 2017 and designer Raquel Cayre amassed a healthy Instagram after publishing Memphis designs under the designer’s name; then he gave birth to the account at an exhibition house in 2018) certainly speaks of the growing popularity of maximalism.

Or perhaps the well-formed mirrors that we have seen more and more are experiencing a moment because they embody a Wabi-Sabi mental state, a traditional Japanese aesthetic that finds beauty in natural imperfections, which seems a welcome divergence of the cookie cutter. , a mass-produced direction in which our world is expiring With its soft, organic, curved and oblong shapes, many of these mirrors adapt to that spirit.

However, whatever the reason, we are here for corrugated mirrors of all shapes and sizes. And although it is definitely trendy right now, the roots of the wavy mirror show that it has a permanence power.


Zellige Tile is the bathroom trend that is conquering the Internet Part 2

6 Use it everywhere

Combine your zellige tile backsplash with the tiled floor and shower walls, as done in this eclectic high impact bathroom designed by ETC.etera for the Firehouse Hotel. Real estate property

7 monochrome

We love the modern monochromatic look of this pantry designed by Arent & Pyke. Zellige tiles create a geometric backsplash comfortably above the pull-out shelves.

8 Just add a splash

Yes, these blocks can be expensive, but a big impact isn’t necessary. Zellige is the perfect counterpart to leaner design elements, such as the Shaker cabinets in this kitchen designed by Heidi Caillier Design.

9 Create a Mosiac

In this sophisticated corner of the Kingston Lafferty Design kitchen, the mosaic of colored tiles and zellige extends on the upper part, making the niche stand out even more.

10 pairs with a contrasting floor

Heidi Caillier Design has chosen to use zellige tiles on the walls of this shower for a feeling of earth that contrasts well with the fun and energizing green tiles on the bathroom floor.

11 Hide the mortar

The sparkling golden details of this bathroom, designed by Arent & Pyke, stand out against the grooved drawers in dark gray and black appliques. Gold works well with the pale blush zellige tile backsplash to warm up cool tones throughout.

12 Hide a hood

The zellige tiles in this space of Heidi Caillier Design create a rooted and sophisticated aesthetic and atmosphere, shiny and easy to use. This is due to the tiled hood, which transforms a typically bulky object into something elegant.

13 Create a pattern

Like the subway tiles, zellige tiles look especially beautiful when you create patterns with blocked colors. In this space designed by ETC.etera, the thin red stripe corresponds to the red floor and also breaks the white walls.

14 Opt for a neutral

In this texture-rich kitchen designed by Arent & Pyke, light zellige tiles add even more depth and intrigue. Warm tones on its surface soften the white ceiling.
Hadley Mendelsohn, design editor Hadley Mendelsohn is design editor at House Beautiful, and when she’s not busy obsessing over everything related to furniture, you can find her vintage stores, read or stumble because she probably lost her glasses again.


Zellige Tile is the bathroom trend that is conquering the Internet

So you love the look of tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, but you’re ready to train beyond the classic subway look. Welcome, you are in the right place. Zellige tiles (pronounced zil-EEHJ; also the name looks fresh and sophisticated) are ultra-shiny handmade tiles with wabi-sabi charm. Although more commonly square, they are available in all shapes and sizes and, due to the imperfect nature of the enamel, the color variations are also infinite. Conclusion: Zellige tiles are having a lot of fun in design in 2020, which is a welcome surprise at a time when everything seems to be mass-produced and mass-produced. Read on for fourteen splendid examples that you want to replicate at home. Real estate property

1 Surrounding a fireplace

A unique cooking process makes zellige tiles super resistant and therefore popular in kitchens and bathrooms. But elsewhere they can also be functional: the designer Eva Holbrook places them around this fireplace to protect the wall from the heat.

2 Choose small tiles

The zellige tiles used in this powder room designed by Hecker Guthrie are thinner than most, creating an effect similar to the sequins. Combined with dark black details and elegant white marble, this sparkling glow makes you feel like you’re inside a disco ball.

3 Go with classic white

The texture of the glossy finish shines much more than the normal subway. To hold a small section of zellige accents, add a floating shelf just above it, as in this space designed by Arent & Pyke.

4 Highlight a color

One of the many cool things about zellige tiles is that you can create a cocoon tonal effect, as each tile offers more variety than a single shade of paint. ETC.etera has chosen a rainbow of roses for this mosaic shower.

5 pairs with contrasting material

This huge shower is covered with wall-to-wall zellige tiles, while the bathtub is surrounded by marble protruding from floor to floor. Studio DB designed this almost colorless bathroom, but has a rich narrative plot.

Bahan Outdoor

Bunny Williams’ new floral sculptures are our favorite flowers not to be killed

Fresh flowers are always a good gift, but they are also expensive, especially considering that they last only a few days. Designer Bunny Williams has found a better way: sculptures of floral specimens that are much more exclusive – and long lasting – than artificial flowers, and you can use them in more than just centerpieces. Part of Williams’ new spring / summer collection for Ballard Designs, the pieces are inspired by ancient botanical sculptures that had previously been used for educational purposes. Real estate property

There are five champions in total and they range from $ 49 to $ 79 each. Each sculpture is handmade in galvanized iron, resin and wood and all are hand painted. And, as Williams herself points out in the product description, they offer options. “These unusual floral objects would be wonderful grouped on a table or fireplace,” he notes. Collect them all at your home, offer a gift to your host


Prepare the nursery for your little one with these smart storage ideas Part 2

8 Use the seaweed basket

Keep a basket on the floor to throw away towels and other necessities. Seaweed baskets, such as the Chango & Co. spacecraft, are the best in the nursery, as they are soft and easy to move from place to place. Real estate property

9 reuse old furniture

We are investigating the use of unexpected and vibrant colors in this nursery designed by Steven Sclaroff. The green background of the wallpaper still looks young, thanks to the extravagant pattern, and the red-orange carpet adds a wave of energy. The classic armchair and dresser will also add functionality and style to the family home for years to come.

10 Use an elegant basket

So you have a place to count clean items, but what about dirty ones? Opt for a stylish basket, beautiful enough to be outdoors and in a convenient location. We also love how Chango & Co. hung a cell phone on a changing mat instead of the crib here.

11 Install a floating cubicle

Do you want to take it to a higher level of floating shelves? Try a floating dresser, like this one. It combines very well with white paint and frees up more space on the wall for fun decoration and works of art.

12 Opt for built-in drawers

You can’t miss out on a built-in reading corner, regardless of your child’s age. Even better? A built-in reading corner with integrated drawers below. This spacious designed by Chango & Co. has a lot of depth, perfect for going out and reading.

13 Customize the built-in

Adding floor-to-ceiling built-in cabinets will always be helpful. Jenn Feldman Design lined the bottom of the shelves with wallpaper to make them stand out more.

14 Hide your storage unit

This is Baby Dove’s room in Malin’s room. Strategically hide the storage shelf in the surrounding corner with furniture.

15 Use side tables

When buying side tables, choose one with multiple levels. Free up tables and surface spaces by installing sconces instead of using table lamps. We love yellow in this space designed by Chango & Co, which really lights up the walls.

16 Create a library shelf

Improve story time by adding a small floating shelf library to display all of your favorite books before bed. Designed by Jenn Feldman, the book collection serves as a decoration, enlivening the white walls.

17 hanging towel hooks

If there is an adjoining inn, the nursery installs hooks on the door so you can hang your towels quickly and easily when you are finished using them.


13 of the most chic bathrooms you can buy online at any price 6-13

6 Essential bath set

This stylish and modern 5-piece set comes in five colors and features a bath brush, a tray, a soap dispenser, a bucket and a storage plate, and you can also buy a matching waste bin. Real estate property

Bath set 7 phenomena

This grid print is a fun way to add a small pattern to your bathroom and it also comes in other colors. If black and white is not bold enough for you, try the coral!

8 Launis Bath Collection

If you want something really luxurious, choose this beautiful collection of metals. Each piece is sold separately, in the price range of $ 24 to $ 48 (and $ 78 for the trash).

Bath set 9 Cade Matte Blush

This super affordable matte bath set is as cute as it is elegant and comes in four other colors if the blush doesn’t match your space, including a beautiful dusty blue.

10 Sanitary ware made of cement

This bathroom set keeps it simple, but the cement look gives each piece an industrial touch.

11 bath accessories Ducale Black

These beautiful bathroom accessories are made with resin injected with paint and will definitely give your bathroom a fresh and changing environment. Each piece is sold separately, for between $ 30 and $ 60 – $ 100 per trash can.

Collection 12 bathrooms Teal Glass

Each piece of this teal bathroom set sells for less than $ 12, so while the pieces are sold separately, it is still a total steal.

13 bathroom accessories made of acacia and black marble

This exclusive collection is made with acacia wood and black marble, and each piece sells for $ 17 to $ 38.


13 of the most chic bathrooms you can buy online at any price 1-5

Bathrooms, especially tiny bathrooms in apartments and rented ones, can be difficult to model. You have to get that perfect combination of form and function and, at the same time, you are more limited in the way you can infuse your space with color and personality. One of the easiest ways to do this is to choose beautiful bathroom accessories that can do a lot of heavy lifting and also serve an important purpose. A cute soap dispenser can make a difference in the world (even if all you do is smile when you wash your hands!), And a coordinated set is even better. If you are looking for the perfect bathroom set, look no further: if your personal style is more modern or sophisticated or if you prefer neutral or bright colors, this list has you covered. Oh, and there’s something for every budget too. Real estate property

1 set of pink glass bathroom with 5 pieces

You can’t go wrong with a cheap, nice glass bathroom set in pink.

2 5 piece marble bathroom sets

If your style is elegant in white marble, use this set. It comes with a soap dispenser, a glass, a cloth cover, a soap dish and a toothbrush holder, all for less than $ 50.

Bistro 3 tile bath collection

Anthropologie’s ever-popular Bistro collection isn’t just for the kitchen, and these bathroom accessories prove it. They don’t come in a set, but you can get each piece for $ 16 to $ 20.

4 Polished porcelain bathroom accessories

The multifaceted style of these simple bathroom accessories gives them a little more personality, and the Blue Sea Salt coloring is totally chic.

Iridescent mosaic bathroom set 5

Do you like some sparkle? This impressive set of three iridescent green mosaics will shine in the light and cost just $ 25.


Prepare the nursery for your little one with these smart storage ideas Part 1

Decorating the nursery is the most exciting part of parenting (I’m just kidding). And those adorable stuffed animals and old rocking chairs are fantastic, but when it comes to functionality, storage can’t be overlooked. After all, it’s where you hide the essentials so you can focus on beautiful things. So read on for seventeen smart and smart ideas about nursery storage and organizational advice. Real estate property

1 Reuse an old chest of drawers

If you have a limited budget, don’t waste new items. Use only something you already have! In this space, Emily Henderson has transformed an existing dresser into a changing table by placing a mat to change it. This way, you will also have three drawers of storage space.

2 Hide things under a cradle with a skirt

Since the room is totally free of clutter, we can focus on the most beautiful parts. Contained by gold leaf borders, the flowers that climb the walls of the room of the fledgling daughter of designer Marie Flanigan are actually wall backgrounds. You can be creative by hiding things in a thin container under the crib if you have a skirt to keep it out of sight.

3 Choose furniture for timeless storage

Storage is something you know you will always need, so choose something that lasts and ages with your baby. In the bedroom designed by Tasmin Johnson, timeless pieces, such as the pouf and the set of chairs, framed photographs and the traditional chest of drawers, give the room a refined touch that will age well. To balance it, he chose an extravagant pendant lamp.

4 Make sure nothing can fall

Childproof, its floating shelves with a horizontal bar that prevents things from falling. In this elegant Californian nursery at A House in the Hills, floating shelves enliven the bright white wall.

5 toys that work as storage

In this adorable nursery designed by Chango & Co, the lucita shelf has the shape of a dollhouse. There are so many fun options that can transform even something ordinary (in this case, a bookcase) into something exciting and stimulating.

6. Keep easily accessible blankets and towels with an etagere, ladder or towel warmer. In this nursery designed by Cameron Ruppert Interiors, the wooden towel rack adds a classic touch, giving beautiful blankets more time to shine outdoors.

7 Use an Etagere

The floating shelves are fantastic, but you may not want to remove the power tools. Instead, opt for an etagere with plenty of shelf space for books, artwork and baskets. We love this rounded silhouette in a space designed by Chango & Co.


Ways to liven up the walls of your room Part 2 End

Built-in shelves

This wallpaper printed on a hot air balloon brings a feeling of sleep and movement to the small room. It is a beautiful way to frame the wall of the built-in shelves. Designer Katie Lyndon aptly describes it as classic, but imaginative. Real estate prorperty

Organize a gallery wall

In this Scandinavian-style room, the asymmetric wall of the gallery heats things up, making it more personal and cozy. For an affordable art exhibit on the wall, mix framed pieces with antique engraved finds or your own art.

Hang a mirror

The patterned wallpaper is a beginning, but the romantic and ornate mirror on the bed takes this sweet room designed by Cathy Kinaid to the end.

Paint a pattern

You don’t have to interrupt clean walls and curtains; Instead, paint a pattern. You can cover the entire wall for more impact or limit the design to a small section.

Create a trio

PSA: This is the new wall in the gallery. Align your prints on a thin shelf for a cleaner approach. Designed by Leanne Ford Interiors, this white room incorporates many earth tones to spread heat throughout the space. The exposed wooden beams, the rustic bed frame and the industrial pendant held the room.

Hang up a statement

You don’t need to cram your walls with art: a single piece, of medium to large size, on the bed, the console or the fireplace, as is the case with this master bedroom designed by Arent & Pyke, is just as surprising.

Bold wallpaper

If you are afraid to commit to a printed wallpaper, choose a neutral color. His art on the wall still stands out, but the room looks much clearer.

Add some old posters

Old posters create a bold alternative to a headboard in the main bedroom of a Los Angeles house. As the room is very neutral, they also help to add some color.

Add some old posters

Old posters create a bold alternative to a headboard in the main bedroom of a Los Angeles house. As the room is very neutral, they also help to add some color.


Ways to liven up the walls of your room Part 1

Decorating the walls is an essential step in the interior design process, but it is particularly important in the bedroom, since nobody wants to wake up in a white box. In fact, if your room looks unfinished, it’s probably because of the lack of wall decorations. Regardless of whether you’re working on a tight budget, consider throwing yourself off with some wallpaper or are looking for creative inspiration to showcase the art, these designer bedroom wall decor ideas will help you liven up space. Real estate property

Padding the walls

Have you ever wanted to go to bed more than you have now? The velvety gray velvet walls and the combined headboard give a smoky and materially rich and mysterious charm to the white, bright and airy space designed by Alison Pickart. No work of art is needed, as these walls speak for themselves.

Mount a sculpture

Patterns and bright colors bring this room designed by Kelly Hohla to life. The metallic accents really stand out and the brutalist sculpture adds dimension while the textile layers keep things soft. And of course the fun wall covering is itself a work of art.

Add texture

In this room designed by Hecker Guthrie, dark, long and thin wood panels provide sand and glaze, while the luxurious red armchair and the luxurious cream-colored carpet create warmth.

Imitate a mural

If you lack pictorial skills, ask another person to create a mural for you or you may even try a beautiful and temporary background. Here, Studio DB opted for a pictorial blue background.

Mount some horns

The horns can be rustic, modern or even glamorous (yes, seriously) depending on how the combs are. Choose a metallic version and combine it with jewel tones or opt for something with a vintage charm, as Heidi Caillier did in this eclectic room.

Hang a fabric

Your room should be the most welcoming room in your home, so take it there with a fabric tapestry. In this eclectic room designed by Janie Molster, Suzani contrasts with the abstract art of the wall and traditional rugs and curtains.

Rethink positioning

Instead of hanging a piece on the bed, consider a more unique position and surround all the walls. Interior architect Tamsin Johnson stacked two small pieces in the corner and then hung a large abstract painting on the adjacent wall in this modern space.

Rekindle carpentry

In this powder pink monochromatic room designed by Shapeless Studio, the decorative moldings of the walls add only a touch of character without altering the discreet tone of the space.

Do it yourself in Tarp

“He had an old canvas stretched forever and I could not throw it away because I always loved its cream color. One day I nailed it to the wall and called one of my favorite artists Alexandra Gracik and asked him to come with his charcoal to draw what you want, “says Leanne Ford.

Use hairspray

Powerful but relaxing, bold but timeless, this extraordinary room designed by Brian J. McCarthy has serious goals. For a similar effect, adhere to a tight two-tone texture with the walls in a super bright glossy paint and then dip the ceiling in a flat white. “This finish is fresh for a guest bedroom and the incredible touch of color is warm and elegant,” he says.

Mix the decoration for adults and children

In a child’s room, mix eternal works of art with a fun and young decoration. In this room, Heidi Caillier opted for a gold framed painting and a giraffe bust attached to the wall.

Bahan Outdoor

10 flower bed ideas that will make your garden look like paradise 6-10 End


Want to add some drama to your patio? Plant your flowers by height to increase the tilt effect of a small hill.


Plant flowerbeds in rows to create paths in your garden. Real estate property

In a tree

Use tree roots as a natural flowerbed: it will give your garden the total vibrations of Hobbiton.

Against the stone

If you have walls in your yard, use them as a border for your flower beds.


The easiest way to make a flagpole part of your landscape.


16 modern ways to decorate a butler’s pantry

The butler’s pantry, or service pantry, refers to the transition space between a kitchen and a dining room (even if there is no person dressed in a bow tie preparing appetizers and cocktails present). Butler’s pantries were the norm in formal and sumptuous homes dating from the 18th century. according to SFGate. They have evolved over the years for several reasons, some of which are related to architectural trends, such as the rise of the open plan, as well as changing social attitudes. Real estate property

Today, unlike its former common pantry – also known as the room with all snacks and, therefore, also known as the real heart of the house – the butler’s pantry is designed to facilitate entertainment, providing space and space for preparation. crockery and dishes. Think of it as a raised closet, hallway-meeting-house-bar-meeting-mini-kitchen-preparation-station-meeting-glorified. If you are lucky enough to have one in your home (or are thinking of buying one), read on for sixteen elegant butler pantry ideas that bring space from the past into the modern era.

Keep It Classic

Interior architect Heather Hilliard kept this light, bright and classic pantry with printed wallpaper, white paint and showcases. The blue glasses on the top shelf also add a nice touch of color.

Opt for open shelves

Krysta Gibbons, from Kipling House Interiors, divided a large kitchen into two rooms: the main kitchen, where all cooking is done, and the kitchen / closet. It is basically a modern butler’s pantry, where all bulky appliances are stored, as well as food and dishes. It is equipped with open shelves for maximum comfort and a ladder to reach the objects stored in the upper cabinets. This helps to make a high-traffic family kitchen run smoothly.

Invest in a wine refrigerator

Not only are symmetrical wine coolers aesthetically pleasing, they are also conveniently positioned and offer excellent use of extra space. The smoked mirror backsplash brings the right touch of formal style to this space also designed by Studio DB. So it’s the perfect combination of a home bar and a butler’s pantry.

Free up counter space

Designed by Chango & Co., this butler’s pantry will facilitate entertainment. The long and spacious countertops offer plenty of space for preparation and the cupboards ensure that all your dishes are stored comfortably close to the dining room.

Prepare it for the photo

This butler’s pantry designed by Catherine Kwong is more like a chic home bar. The cabinets and the hidden minibar offer plenty of space, so the surfaces are free for furniture and preparation work.

Enjoy vertical space

If you have high ceilings, enjoy it with layers of floating shelves. Brady Tolbert of Emily Henderson Design used gold brackets to anchor the shelves and add a metallic touch.

Add extra devices

If the butler’s pantry is large enough to look like a small kitchen, stock it with extras like an oven and a coffee maker. Warm up and add color and fantasy with a small rug. Interior designer Michelle Nussbaumer has also chosen a warm color palette and packs many textured materials in a small space.

Install a pocket door

Choose a pocket door. If you want to hide the butler’s pantry from the dining room, consider installing a pocket door. This will keep the transition space out of sight without taking up additional space. Interior designer Jenn Feldman kept it simple to complement the room’s classic and contemporary style.

Facilitates the transition

Paint the walls with a dark color that goes from the kitchen to the dining room. In this butler’s pantry designed by deVol Kitchens, the deep marine hue adds a formal touch.

Add activity lighting

If you plan to do some preparation in the pantry, we recommend that you are equipped with ideal lighting. Interior architect Andrew Flesher opted for bright white paint, lacquered furniture as it reflects light and two additional pendants in the work area.


11 coffee shop ideas to channel your favorite coffee at home

Whether in your kitchen, in a butler’s pantry, in the corner of the dining room or even in an empty cupboard, it’s worth considering a coffee at home. It will be like going to your favorite cafe every day without having to leave the house, and even if you are not a good coffee person, the next time you have guests, it will make a big difference. Keep reading 11 homemade coffee ideas so good that you will probably become a morning person. Real estate property

1 Transform a corridor

Catherine Kwong transformed this corridor into an elegant café at home. The cabinets and the hidden minibar offer plenty of storage space so that surfaces are free for decoration and preparation. Best of all, this mini kitchen finds coffee at home in the hallway above, preventing occupants from having to go up and down the main kitchen.

2 Waste in appliances

Interior designer Michelle Nussbaumer chose a palette of warm colors and packs many texture-rich materials in this small kitchen. And although it can be compact, it has all the bells and whistles, that is, a built-in Thermador coffee maker. He even knows Nussbaumer’s drink order, while an Elkay water dispenser (and sink and tap) increases his daily intake of java.

3 Put it in a closet

Designed by Emily Henderson, this coffee at home combines completely with the rest of the kitchen as it is hidden inside a closet. Stocked with other ingredients for breakfast, it is a one-stop shop in the morning.

4 Hide

Here is another version of hidden coffee. Designed by Matthew Ferrarini, this kitchen is full of ingenious solutions for small spaces. He used folding wooden doors to hide the entire bar and coffee area against the wall.

5 Stock with breakfast products

In addition to caffeinated drinks, this should also be a space for other essential breakfast items, such as cereals and a toaster. Nicole Hollis Studio has designated one end of this counter for a cafeteria, complete with floating shelves for server tools and utensils. Bonus points if you place yours where stunned guests can find it in the morning (ideally, very close to the breakfast table).

6 Update your start bar

If you have a fun homemade bar in a lounge or dining room, make sure it is also equipped with essential coffee items. Designed by Emily Henderson, this space brings a lot of dimension to singing and makes entertainment much better.

7 Divide your kitchen

Krysta Gibbons, of Kipling House Interiors, divided a large kitchen into two bedrooms: the main kitchen, where it is cooked, and the kitchen / pantry. It is basically a modern pantry, where all bulky appliances are found, such as those found in a cafe.

8 Use a pantry

Metallic wallpaper is the perfect setting for an intimate and intimate pantry, a starter bar or a butler’s pantry. Studio DB combined it with black marble surfaces and stained wood cabinets to complete the look, complementing both a drunk home bar and an elegant home bar atmosphere.

9 Convert a cabinet

Now, here is a fully stocked coffee, which does not require its own space or counter: all you need is a small closet, a spacious closet or a corner to give it life. And don’t forget the tea ingredients, if your guests don’t drink coffee.

10 Keep it open

Install a bar under a floating shelf to hang your cups and other odds and ends of the coffee bar. Some additional lighting for tasks in the area is also a good option: Vol’s kitchens chose a bronze lamp to complement the hardware and accessories. Having everything outdoors and at play will keep a high traffic kitchen running smoothly.

11 Put it in a butler’s pantry

A butler’s pantry is the perfect place for a bar at home, given the size, design and proximity to the dining room. When it comes to storage, the more cabinets, the better. And if you can’t decide between glass cabinets and solid cabinets in your home cafeteria, try this happy medium. Metal grilles allow partial visibility and add a bright touch.

Bahan Outdoor

10 flower bed ideas that will make your garden look like paradise 1-5

Whether you have a green thumb or not, there is a lot of inspiration here for you to have fun in your landscaping. Real estate property

Two colors

This flower bed is glued with two colors for a clean but still vibrant effect.


Accent your trees by placing them in a ring of flowers.

Airport Runway

Line the walkway to your door with flower beds.


If you want to feel that your yard is a real flower field, plant taller flowers of different colors, such as tulips, wisteria and azaleas.

Play with height

Plant your tallest flowers in the middle for a more natural and less cared-for feel.


How to buy ready-made kitchen cabinets (and make them personalized)

If expensive custom kitchen cabinets don’t fit into your renovation budget, consider taking the route ready. Visit Ikea, Lowe or your local Home Depot to examine your ready-to-use models and, if you like what you see, go ahead and buy them while you’re there! The whole process is very simple; just measure your space in advance and plan to spend some time in the shop designing your new kitchen. Or, you know, do the whole process online using one of your virtual tools. Installation, of course, will take some time and care (and a reliable contractor). But the purchase and shipping part will be very simple and it may seem fantastic. Real estate property

Do you need proof? The kitchen shown above (see the rest of the photos here) was entirely made in Ikea wardrobes. The designers, Julia and Chris Marcum, of the blog Chris Loves Julia, have completed the fronts of Semihandmade furniture, a popular trick to give their standard models a more sophisticated look. Real conversation: these ready-to-use wardrobes will not have the same quality as the custom ones, but you will get them in a fraction of the time and costs. Find out how to buy them.

  • First: invite a trusted entrepreneur to become your Virgil kitchen.
  • Warning: it may take a few months in advance to get started …
  • Or, if your dad is an entrepreneur, book him!
  • Develop a floor plan: exact measurements are required. Don’t forget the doors, windows and ceiling height, says designer Jennifer Vaquero.
  • Definitely use a tape measure.
  • Go to a supplier (Lowe’s, The Home Depot or Ikea) and go directly to the kitchen design center.
  • Log on to the computer and start designing. Don’t be afraid of the sales representatives! They can help you. (If you don’t live near a supplier, perform this step online using the company’s virtual design tools.) Print or email the completed kitchen plan and wait for your contractor’s thumb before purchasing.
  • Demonstrate your old kitchen (or ask your contractor to carefully remove it so you can donate the components).
  • Build the new cabinets yourself: it will be cheaper than paying someone to do it.
  • But ask your contractors to install the system. They fit perfectly.

How to hang a photo like a pro

No home is complete without some art on the walls. Whether you are opting for a demo piece or a large gallery wall, we recommend that you make sure that your artwork hangs securely. It’s an easy task if you know how to do it correctly. “The way you hang something depends on the weight of the art and the type of accessory,” explains structural expert Daniel Koren, who has managed the New York City facilities sector for years and co-founded the source of the facilities. . Online frameology. Here, it describes how to hang a framed work of art safely and easily. Real estate property

You will need:

  • Framed wall art
  • D-rings and suspended wire (or sawtooth accessories)
  • Figure hooks (or nails, if using a sawtooth)
  • Hammer
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil

How to hang art on the wall

  • Choose an attachment

“The two most common types of frame fixation are sawtooth and D-ring,” says Koren. The first, more common in lighter works of art, is a piece of metal with a zigzag bottom, and the second are two rings attached to the sides of the work of art, designed to pass a thread between their. Most framers go ahead and add one to their own piece (and if not, ask or scrub one).

  • Connect the suspended wire

If your painting has wireless D-rings (or if the existing wire needs to be replaced), you may want to attach some of them. Cut a piece about 50% more than the space between the rings. Pass the two ends through the rings and fold the additional thread around the ring and rotate to secure it to yourself. You should fix the wire so that it has about an inch of movement (make sure the wire isn’t long enough to be out of the frame when it’s stretched). If your painting has a sawtooth hook, skip this step.

  • Position the art

If you are hanging a wall in a gallery, you may want to map the positioning of each piece in advance, using squares cut out to fit the size of the images. Otherwise, you can do one of two things: 1. Hold the graphics on the wall and eyeball where you want it to go and mark the top of the frame with a pencil. 2. If you want the piece to be centered on a piece of furniture or on a wall, measure the width of the space where it will be centered and mark in the middle.

For any remote work of art, it’s a good idea to make sure the site enters a pin on the other side of the wall. Locate the nails – and avoid hidden pipes and cables – using a multipurpose detector. Most houses have nails made of 2 x 4, positioned between 16 and 24 inches.

  • Select a hook

A sawtooth accessory can be hung on a bare nail. For a wire, Koren recommends hanging figures – basically a nail in a small metal anchor – which are available in various sizes, based on the weight of the art they have.

  • Pin your nails

To find the right spot for the nail, measure the distance between the top of the frame and the bottom of the sawtooth or from the top of the frame to the wire when it is stretched through the top of the frame. Then, hammer the nail (leaving it 1/8 inch from the wall) or a hook that hangs from the image at a distance less than the pencil mark you made on the wall.

  • Hang

And voila! When hanging from the nail or hook, the work must be perfectly positioned. Repeat if necessary for a house full of art.

Very heavy works of art
Koren points out that very long or heavy works of art can have different sawtooth accessories. For this, you need to make sure that the multiple nails are level: Koren recommends measuring from the ceiling to the desired height.

Clear image or frameless screen
Just touch with an image hook or a small nail in the chosen position, so that 3/8 of an inch stands out, tilted upwards.

Use of Velcro strips of images
These strips allow you to hang photos and frames without using nails, drills or screws. They lock together, keeping the image firmly on the wall and are easy to remove without leaving marks, damage or holes in the nails.

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Garden party ideas to throw an unforgettable party 13-20 End

Mix with flowers

How are drinks shaken at a garden party? Flowers, obv. Real estate property

Establish a Statoion of floral arrangements

Set up a guest station to organize their own bouquets. This will give them something to take home and remember the party.

Set up a lemonade bar

When life gives you lemons, make a DIY lemonade bar. This is for adults only, but if there are kids out there, avoid the spirits.

Decorate your bar cart

If you don’t have a full outdoor bar, take out a bar cart. Once you have accumulated all the necessary ingredients, decorate with beautiful utensils and bar plants.

Immerse the grapes in Prosecco

Prosecco is always a good idea. Put a bowl of these and watch them disappear, almost instantly.

Turn it into a tea party

A garden is the ideal setting for a tea party. Serve mini cakes, buns and lots of snacks.

Turn on the grill

Which garden party is complete without a small barbecue? It is easy, fast and delicious. If you want to keep things casual (or just don’t want to set up a table), opt for the skewers.

Light a fire

If you want to keep the party going after the sun sets and the air starts to get cooler, switch to a fire pit. This hot hole in the conversation will keep the party going until the wee hours of the morning. Don’t worry if you don’t have one yet: there are many affordable portable options.

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Garden party ideas to throw an unforgettable party 7-12

Make a wall installation for flowers

It looks complicated, but you can handle it. The end result will be Instagram gold for all your party guests. Real estate property

Put lavender in your cocktails

Make sure your drinks are as beautiful as your decor. This can smell sweeter than your real garden.

Create a sign out of the foliage

Steel wire, fake foliage and a glue gun will create this garden magic. Now nobody will have to ask where the drinks are.

Hanging string lights

If you organize an outdoor dinner in the garden at night, make it particularly magical by hanging the string lights. Add smooth flips and colorful table decorations for a strong finish.

Make great cocktails

This light southern-inspired sweet tea sangria is perfect for an evening out. Bonus: you can make a great game, because individual cocktail orders are the worst at parties.

Create a dress code

Tell all your guests to use their favorite flowers for a theme party in the garden.

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Garden party ideas to throw an unforgettable party 1-6

Flower lovers, listen: if you want to organize a garden party that everyone will talk about during the summers, you need a garden decoration to the next level, extraordinary food and unique cocktails. We have tons of garden party ideas on this list to make your party one that even Jay Gatsby would be jealous of. Real estate property

Decorate with flowers

A garden party should be literally full of flowers. This simple DIY will teach you how to make a floating table for flowers.

Mix & Match Cocktail Bar

Enhance your cocktail game by creating a garden bar to mix and match. Add several citrus juices, prepare simple syrups with different herbs and you will have a variety of clear liqueurs. Garnish with citrus slices, other herbs and fresh flowers.

You saw your ice cube

Fill your ice cube with flowers and fruits. It will cool your bubbly and it will become a bright and colorful centerpiece.

Have a picnic

Take note of Alicia Lund of Cheetah is the New Black picnic created if you want to organize a relaxed but completely elegant garden party. Stack the blankets and pillows and don’t forget the rose.

Use mini bouquets of flowers

Put a bouquet of flowers together in a cup of tea. So, put your business cards inside the flowers.

Serve themed desserts

Amaze your guests by turning peaches and puff pastry into a gorg dessert. These edible flowers look as good as they seem.

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40 fantastic ideas for the best summer party part 4

Plan a garden party

Pack in additional configurations on a long table with a pair of rustic benches. Real estate properpty

Set it on fire

S’mores are a must.

Make floral arrangements

Groups of small extra-high arrangements (as long as they don’t block people’s faces while trying to hold a convo): any explosion of color really encourages a party.

Use business cards

If you choose the seating arrangement, you can check the dramatic factor.

Pile of pillows

Cover a sofa bed, sofa or hammock with patterned cushions to create a cozy corner perfect for an outdoor nap.

Whip Up Sangria

Is it also a party if there is no sangria involved?

Ramos accessories

Connect the fake butterflies in floral arrangements for an unexpected touch on the typical summer centerpiece.
Get the recipe from Delish.

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