Prepare the nursery for your little one with these smart storage ideas Part 2

8 Use the seaweed basket

Keep a basket on the floor to throw away towels and other necessities. Seaweed baskets, such as the Chango & Co. spacecraft, are the best in the nursery, as they are soft and easy to move from place to place. Real estate property

9 reuse old furniture

We are investigating the use of unexpected and vibrant colors in this nursery designed by Steven Sclaroff. The green background of the wallpaper still looks young, thanks to the extravagant pattern, and the red-orange carpet adds a wave of energy. The classic armchair and dresser will also add functionality and style to the family home for years to come.

10 Use an elegant basket

So you have a place to count clean items, but what about dirty ones? Opt for a stylish basket, beautiful enough to be outdoors and in a convenient location. We also love how Chango & Co. hung a cell phone on a changing mat instead of the crib here.

11 Install a floating cubicle

Do you want to take it to a higher level of floating shelves? Try a floating dresser, like this one. It combines very well with white paint and frees up more space on the wall for fun decoration and works of art.

12 Opt for built-in drawers

You can’t miss out on a built-in reading corner, regardless of your child’s age. Even better? A built-in reading corner with integrated drawers below. This spacious designed by Chango & Co. has a lot of depth, perfect for going out and reading.

13 Customize the built-in

Adding floor-to-ceiling built-in cabinets will always be helpful. Jenn Feldman Design lined the bottom of the shelves with wallpaper to make them stand out more.

14 Hide your storage unit

This is Baby Dove’s room in Malin’s room. Strategically hide the storage shelf in the surrounding corner with furniture.

15 Use side tables

When buying side tables, choose one with multiple levels. Free up tables and surface spaces by installing sconces instead of using table lamps. We love yellow in this space designed by Chango & Co, which really lights up the walls.

16 Create a library shelf

Improve story time by adding a small floating shelf library to display all of your favorite books before bed. Designed by Jenn Feldman, the book collection serves as a decoration, enlivening the white walls.

17 hanging towel hooks

If there is an adjoining inn, the nursery installs hooks on the door so you can hang your towels quickly and easily when you are finished using them.

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