Ruben Onsu Celebrates Christmas at Home, Prepare Gift Swapping Events and Room Decorations

Ruben Onsu felt different this year’s Christmas celebration. Usually, every year Jordi Onsu’s brother chooses to vacate his work schedule and take his family on vacation.

However, in the current pandemic situation, Sarwendah’s husband negated this and chose to just gather at home. After all, Betrand Peto’s father followed the government’s advice to stay home during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

“Christmas doesn’t go anywhere at home,” said Ruben Onsu when met at Jalan Kapten Tendean, South Jakarta, recently. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Home Decorating

Behind their happiness now, Sarwendah and Ruben also have love stories in the past. Who would have thought that Ruben had been rejected four times by a woman who is now his life partner.

Even at home, Ruben Onsu has prepared several activities to make the Christmas and New Year atmosphere feel good. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

“Keep trying to change all the house plans with Christmas nuances, so from now on, the nuances of Christmas will be felt,” said Ruben Onsu.

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Exchange gifts

To make the atmosphere even more exciting, there will be a gift exchange event. It is a form of their love on a special day. “Later we will also have an exchange of gifts too,” Ruben Onsu explained. House Furniture Solution

Prayer of Ruben Onsu

At this Christmas moment, Ruben Onsu prayed that the Corona Covid-19 pandemic would end soon. So that humans can return to live a normal life as before. Property New

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