Rufino report: 17 ways to improve your home this March Part 1

Every month, Robert Rufino, the man from the city of HB, collects the high-level accents he is obsessed with at the moment. Here are your elections for March and why you love them. Your inspiration? “It’s time to take a short walk on the beach: pale sky, sand. A fresh start.” Reports provided by Emma Bazilian, Brittney Morgan, Sara Rodrigues. Real estate property

Pillowcase for animals

Too bold? Never. The animal print is neutral!

Acacia bowl

A bowl like this is perfect for everything from salads to clips.

Large ribbed cashmere plaid

Who would say no to cashmere?

Net Sham

Blue bedding is the new white. It is perpetually crunchy.

Round flat magazine in rattan tava

Get a game: it’s the easiest way to dress a table.
Market bag with monogram

A monogram and a strip show that the canvas can be sophisticated.

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