The best experts in organization share their advice for a wardrobe without clutter

Marie Kondo believes that reinvention begins with a purge. “Develop your skills here before addressing more demanding categories such as memories,” he says. “Imagine what an ideal life is like. It can be small, like “I want to wake up rested.” Once you have done so, the cleaning process will be much easier and you will be miles away from living in a quiet and peaceful home”. Real estate property

Think of your closet as your boutique. “Draw around your most beautiful objects: a wall of jewelry, shelves for floating shoes, cubicles for bags,” says decorator Amy Hirsch. With this mentality, you will know what is worth keeping and what is not. After reducing your favorite pieces, try these innovative ways to give them the attention they deserve (all while maximizing space, of course).

  • Use drawer dividers.

Keep your clothes folded in Kondo with the adjustable drawer dividers from OXO. Nazy Ferdows of Organize Stage Style suggests: “Start collecting all your objects of a specific type, such as socks, to get a real idea of ??what you have and plan your space. Then, products as if it were a retailer. “These dividers expand from 11 inches to 17 inches, fit perfectly in any drawer and are fixed in place.

  • Select thin hangers.

A closet of uniform hooks, the ultra-thin flocks, is a must, but also give yourself some special ones to exhibit. Lisa Adams, costume guru says: “These minimalist and elegant metal hangers are ideal for a rest area, a coat rack in a room or a dressing room. To show the clothes, they become a detail of their own design. “


Imagine putting on a lot of shirts and not letting everything fall apart. This magnetic stacking system keeps everything in place and visible.

  • Designate a donation bag.

The mantra of professional organizer Ellen Delap is “You can do anything for 15 minutes!” Keep a bag of donations in your closet, he says. “When you prepare for the day and continue wearing the same dress, throw it away.”

  • Master the “Kondo Fold.”

Prosélitos of the best-selling author, the reorganization of the mega star and the new collaborator of California Closets Marie Kondo always mention a powerful tool when they refer to their “Kondo-ing”: its characteristic fold. The movement creates “packages” that are placed in the drawers for greater visibility. And without any swelling at the bottom of the shirt stack, you can count on lasting cleaning.

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