The best paint colors for small bathrooms when you’re tired of white Part 1

Ah, the old design myth that crisp white paint will make tiny rooms, like bathrooms and toilets, look much larger. Sure, it feels real sometimes, but it’s definitely not the only option. Sometimes the best way to make a small bathroom more spacious is to decorate it with dark, bright or experimental colors. To open everyone up to the vast world of small bathroom paint colors, we’re highlighting our top favorite shades below.

Soft purple

Color blocking is a great way to play with color if you don’t want to cover the entire room in an experimental hue. Here, Heidi Caillier chose a soft purple below the chair line to give the rustic farmhouse bathroom a more romantic touch. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Light grey

For such a small bathroom, a corner hanging mirror above an angular sink maximizes every inch (and clutter can be hidden behind the fabric skirt). Wedgwood plates and round table help neutralize the box and add charm. To add a little more glaze and intrigue, the walls are painted in a soft, light gray.

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Forrest Green

With a slim cylindrical sink and a lonely pendant light, this bathroom is perfectly proportioned. But since there’s no room for decorative extras and even essential pieces can’t take up a lot of space, the only way to make a powerful move in terms of design is with a bold paint color. House Furniture Solution

Red wine

This bathroom designed by ETC.etera for Firehouse Hotel is the perfect balance between serious and particular, sophisticated and cool. Red wine tones are the clear focal point of the bathroom, accented by the marigold zellige tiles. Together, they create a story of warm colors. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Crunchy white

Okay, we know we said we would keep away from white, but here’s proof that sometimes it’s really the best choice for small bathrooms. Alexander M. Reid went for a bright, fresh white for this traditional bathroom and then added touches of blue for a classic combination. Graphic tiles come alive and white walls make a perfect backdrop for the art gallery. Property New

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