the most beautiful advent calendars for Christmas this year Part 1

Advent calendars have been a Christmas tradition for a long time, but they sure have come a long way from the chocolate-filled cardboard calendars of their youth. Now, there are all kinds of exclusive and even luxurious advent calendars to choose from, not to mention some beautiful reusable advent calendars that you can fill with your treats year after year and pass down from generation to generation.

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1 12-night wine advent calendar

If your idea of ??a relaxing evening is to kick back with your favorite red or white mug, this advent calendar is perfect for you. Choose between Naughty (red) or Nice (white) to enjoy a new glass on each of the 12 nights before Christmas. You can also score both at a discount. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

2 Personalized Tea Advent Calendar

This adorable Advent calendar contains 24 different tea bags, perfect for pampering yourself until Christmas every day. And, as a bonus, you can personalize it with a message on the back.

3 friends: the official advent calendar

All Friends fans will love this official Advent calendar, which contains over 40 surprise charms and souvenirs inside. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

4 Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Kids and Lego collectors crave new Lego advent calendars year after year, like this 2020 edition of the Harry Potter calendar. House Furniture Solution

5 Volcano 12 days Christmas gift set

This 12-day advent calendar is entirely dedicated to Capri Blue’s beloved “Vulcano” perfume (a delicious mix of sugary citrus fruits and mountain vegetables), with six candles, an environmental spray, a diffuser oil, a bath bomb , hand cream, bar of soap and of course a tiny ceramic candle. Property New

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