These are the 30 best colors for your living room Part 3

Light grey

In this lovely family home, interior designer Heidi Caillier chose a shade of light gray paint in the living room to reproduce the color scheme of eclectic furniture and decoration everywhere. It is more complex and less severe than a classic white, but remains neutral enough not to steal attention. Real estate property

Military Green

A dark shade of military green paint complements the mahogany wood accents throughout the room, while the sunny yellow sofa and pink carpets illuminate the space.

Pale blue

Looking at a blue room can slow down and calm you down. A monochromatic palette allows us to focus on the incredible interior architecture and dramatic pieces in this living room designed by Robson Rak. The relaxing tones and bulbous shapes everywhere, from the marble side table to the light hanging from the bubble and the round sofa, make the piece discreet and bold.

Hot Pink

Intense, bold and adventurous, the neon pink walls in this Greenwich Village room designed by Katie Ridder (she used C2 Paints “Mulberry”) are a bold option that paid off. The contrasting tones of sky blue and traditional furniture make it more transitory and timeless. Use it in a lobby for a warm, cozy and unforgettable entrance.


Designer Kristin Kong hid a basement door behind a painted wood factory in Sherwin-Williams Black Fox in her home near Atlanta. The trick “makes the room less irregular,” she says, since the dark color helps everything mix. And never underestimate the power of a beautiful floral arrangement on the coffee table!


This room is friendly and welcoming, adult and sophisticated. And although it is definitely bolder and brighter than ordinary cream walls, it also has a good depth of absorption. The upholstered armchair in burnt orange and chocolate brown speaks of the living personality of the room, while the golden metal tables and marble fireplace cool things.

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