These’re Best Outdoor Lighting Options for Both Style and Safety Part 1

When it comes to creating the environment in any space, lighting is of the utmost importance. The sun and moonlight may be the best sources of light in outdoor areas, but it certainly helps to get some support. With that in mind, we highlight 16 lighting ideas and tips so you can clearly see in your outdoor oasis regardless of the time of day or year. Read on to know the best ways to create patios, porches, balconies and much more comfortable, elegant, safe and well-lit. Real estate property

Recessed lights

If you want ambient lighting that is barely visible on a veranda or in the courtyard, opt for recessed ceiling lights. In this space designed by Emily Henderson, the recessed white beam merges so as to notice the light that shines … without really seeing them.


External lighting also offers a security value, especially on stairs. Choose integrated downlights that will illuminate the road but also complement the style of the facade. Corinne Mathern opted for brass to accentuate this adobe house in Santa Barbara and placed them every few steps so as not to cram the wall. Alternatively, you can put them on the face of the stairs so you can only see them as you climb.

Suspension lamps

This balcony in a house designed by Commune Design looks like an organic extension of the interior. A bold and metallic pendant lamp is an excellent way to liven up your outdoors. But this is not your living room. Therefore, to put it in the right context, use materials inspired by the nature of mocked wood or rattan and add a botanical print.

Hurricane candles

Dining outside is great, but cooking outside is even better. In a Key West house, outdoor kitchen cabinets are made with old cypress shutters and tropical flowers give a bright touch of playful colors. And hurricane candles scattered in the area provide a lot of soft light.


Since the slatted ceiling means that recessed lighting cannot be installed, Heather Hilliard has opted for minimalist reflectors that fix the frame to the structure and fill the entire dining room with light. Although a little more noticeable, the minimalist black design blends in well with the space. These are also an excellent security option for front doors and vehicle entrances, especially if you configure them with sensors to automatically turn on when motion is detected.

Tree pendants

Show love to your trees and see the patio hanging lanterns on the branches, as Alexander Design did here. This will create the atmosphere for a truly magical outdoor living space. It is mainly aesthetic and should not be your only source of light, but it definitely adds some style.

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