These’re Best Outdoor Lighting Options for Both Style and Safety Part 2

String lights

Designer Jill Sharp Weeks used string lights to make her garden look like an extension of her home. The space also includes an outdoor toilet, the only bathroom on the ground floor. Real estate property

Floor lamps

To make a patio look like an outdoor living room, opt for traditional interior lighting, like a floor lamp but in a more resistant and nature-inspired material, just make sure that your outdoor area is electrically equipped for one. Contractor Tim Givens built the swing hammock on the back porch of Liza Pulitzer Calhoun’s home in Palm Beach, and simply covered his place with a favorite tablecloth.

Pool lights

This minimalist and modern courtyard is full of lighting ideas. The pool lights change the rules of the game for swimming at night and if you look to the far left, you will notice the garage skylight which allows you to see the cars below and allows the shared light.


Now that’s how you make a voice. In this Spanish-style Beverly Hills home designed by Commune Design, the veranda is cozy, comfortable, elaborate and decorated, all at once. The warm terracotta tiles, the exposed beams and the wooden stool are the basis of the complex wrought iron lighting and the fuchsia-colored bursts.


There is nothing more elegant than this courtyard designed by Night Palm Studio. The atmosphere is undoubtedly sensual, from the curved shape and the soft swirls of marble and white to the wavy sofa, while the avant-garde concrete foundations and the low-brightness LED lighting incorporate the bench.

Garden lights

See that little fire located in the landscape of rocks behind the shore? In the shape of spotlights or small torches, the garden lights are perfect for anyone who wants to illuminate their gardening skills even after sunset.


If the rest area of ??your backyard doesn’t have a roof or top structure, make sure a bright wall lamp is connected to your home. Interior designer Jenn Feldman opted for a large lantern-style wall lamp here.

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