Traditional Style of Interior Decorating (Part 2)

Components of a Traditional Room

8. The interiors of a traditional house often have surfaces and moldings that are painted in glossy white. The crown molding is common and adds the formal appearance. The walls can be provided with a chair rail and simple molded parts. The wall surfaces are painted flat or provided with wallpaper. The ceilings are often white and can have simple beams. Real estate property

9. The dining room in a traditional house is usually a separate room, often with some built-in corner cabinets for storing porcelain. A large carpet is on a wooden floor. The table is rectangular with a row of matching chairs that are evenly arranged around the circumference. A matching china cabinet, a buffet or a piece of furniture is centered on a wall.

10. dressmaker details aren’t particularly important in a traditional room. Braids, tassels and fringes are used sparingly, if not entirely, to achieve a simpler and quieter appearance.

11. The window coverings in the traditional rooms show a classic style. Pay attention to narrow shutters, crossed curtains and pinch folds. Frames and ruffles may also be present.

12. Accessories include pairs of lamps, urns, plants, mirrors, framed prints, porcelain, vases and book collections. Object pairs are usually arranged symmetrically.

13. The lights display a classic style. Silk lamps, wall lights and floor lamps can be used. The shadows should be very smooth and ivory or white.

14. Traditional dining rooms can display a variety of porcelain, glass and silver. The plates can be a classic style bordered with gold or a simple floral motif. Use nice tablecloths or nice tablecloths and cloth napkins.

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