Types of Work and Game Tables

Types of Work and Game Tables

work Tables

1. Work Table
This table is highly utilitarian (although not necessarily unattractive) and usually is built with a specific job in mind: wood, art, gardening, or other. They come in a wide variety of sizes and finishes, depending on whether you decide to use them standing, sitting inside or out.

2. Conference Table
Striking a resemblance to a dining table, a conference table is very large and often very grand. Different from a dining table, a conference table often has plugs and ports for laptops and mobile computers.

3. Computer Table
This table is designed specifically for use with a computer. Usually it has holes in the back for cords and a keyboard drawer. Sometimes it also has a platform designed to contain a printer.

Game Tables

1. Pool Table
This table is used for pocket billiards. It has a solid frame, a total of six pockets on its side and a field which can be made of polyester or wool fabric. A pool table comes in different sizes, styles and finishes. The size varies from a mini-scale to a large scale, while the style depends on where the table will be placed. Moreover, the finish is based on the materials used, such as wood, slate and plastic.

2. Ping Pong Table
If you’re not the typical person to play outdoor sports, then play table tennis or ping pong will certainly satisfy your craving for an indoor activity. A ping pong table is divided into two parts with a net. Usually it has a dark, matte finish for the ball to be able to recover effectively.

3. Football Table
Football is a game inspired by football, the table-top game is usually seen in arcades and game rooms. Foosball tables come in different styles, some have a luxurious finish, while others have the classical form and standard. The balls can be made of wood, plastic or metal, marble, even, depending on preference.

4. Card Table
Card game is one of the best and most fun indoor family activities. Gaming tables differ from their size, style and the principal material used. Some of the tables are made of the wood material, but others are also made of metal. Some have standard features while others may be slided and folded.

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