Unique, Covid-19 Themed Christmas Decorations at Bongsari Church Steal Ganjar Attention

In celebration of Christmas 2020, one of the churches on Jalan Purpowarno Raya, Bojongsalaman, Semarang City, used decorations with the theme Covid-19.

The church is called the Church of Santa Theresia Bongsari Semarang.

In front of the church entrance, there is a unique Christmas tree decoration with a white statue installation holding another statue wearing a mask.

The priest of the Santa Theresia Bongsari Church, Father Eduardus Didik Cahyono said the installation represented a hope for mankind who was being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

The Christmas tree is always identified with a bright tree, a tree of hope. The meaning of this picture is that the Divine embraces human suffering. Because the context is currently in a pandemic, this means how God saves humanity from this disease,” explained Eduardus in the statement quoted, Friday (25/12/2020).

Entering the church room there is also a decoration of a statue of a doctor and a patient who has borne the Covid-19 virus while kneeling for help. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Meanwhile, next to it is a statue of the Virgin Mary welcoming the birth of Jesus.

“This illustrates how doctors and patients with the Covid-19 virus kneel in front of the Savior to ask for healing. For this reason, in this Christmas celebration, we ask for the grace of healing from the Savior and ask that the pandemic be eliminated immediately,” he explained.

The decorations in the church also attracted the attention of Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo, who was on a tour to review preparations for Christmas celebrations in Semarang City on Thursday (24/12/2020).

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“This is a good creation, so it can be a message to remind people that we are in a situation that is not easy, again there is a pandemic, let’s care and be careful to maintain our health,” said Ganjar. House Furniture Solution

With these creations, Christmas celebrations can be a reminder and a place for socialization to the public.

According to him, the church has an important role in taking preventive measures.

“Even in a Christmas atmosphere you can show something like this, so everyone will remember that we are not finished facing a pandemic. This is cool,” said Ganjar.

Ganjar toured a number of churches in Semarang City to check preparations as well as ensure the implementation of health protocols. Property New

Among them are Saint Athanasius Agung or the Karangpanas Church on Jl Dr Wahidin, the Holy Family Catholic Church on Jl Admodirono, and the Holy Stadium in the Marina area.

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