Wedding decorations for 9 celebrity sisters, Soimah chooses to decorate the house hall

Having a dream wedding is what every couple wants. It’s not wrong, if before the wedding, the bride and groom will be busy with various preparations. Starting from taking care of catering, souvenirs, to the wedding concept that will be realized. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

As a memory that will not be forgotten, this series of celebrity sisters also successfully held a wedding party according to their wishes. Starting from carrying a modern to traditional theme, their wedding decorations also stole the attention.

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As seen at the wedding moment of Soimah’s sister, Cicilia Sinta Fitriani. Escorting her sister to the aisle gate, this once-in-a-lifetime procession was held in Javanese custom at Soim ah’s pavilion, namely Pendopo Tulungo, Bantul, DI Yogyakarta. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

The decorations of the celeb sisters at the moment of their wedding were also highlighted. In order not to be curious, let’s look at the summary of from various sources, Thursday (2/12), wedding decorations for celeb sister.

1 The wedding procession of her sister, Cicilia Sinta F, on Sunday (20/11) was held at Soimah’s pavilion. Thick Javanese custom, wedding decorations look beautiful with floral decorations without compromising the uniqueness of the pavilion architecture.

2 Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan’s wedding decorations at the reception were no less magnificent. Oki Setiana Dewi’s sister was made like an ancient European castle. At the top of the aisle, the reception date is 13.11.2021 written in Roman numerals XIII.XI.MMXXI. House Furniture Solution

3 Erica Putri’s sister, Citra Kirana, held her wedding reception procession with Rezky Aditya with the concept of an international wedding. Seen white flowers add to the elegant atmosphere of the wedding.

4 Unlike Raffi Ahmad’s sister, Syahnaz Sadiqah. Married to Jeje Govinda, he held an outdoor concept wedding with green trees which made the wedding atmosphere cooler.

5 Held outdoors on the island of Bali, the wedding decorations for Nadine’s twin sister, Marcel Chandrawinata, were no less charming. With yellow lights, the atmosphere looks romantic. Property News

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