What you need to know about mushroom lamps

The best lamps, in my opinion, have personality: think of Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast, or the jovial desk lamps that jump from the Pixar bunny (called Luxo Sr. and Luxo Jr, in case you ask) . Are their hats shaded, the fact that they shine? Whatever the reason, some lamps are frankly friendly. The decoration pets. Real estate property

And nobody has more charisma than the mushroom lamp. With their clean and rounded lines and their squatting arrangement, these retro favorites are returning to the mainstream and our homes will be happier places for it.

In general, mushroom lamps are those that resemble the standard button of a grocery store: a bell-shaped shadow on a stem base, usually made of hard materials. They leaned towards the industrial rather than the flyers (it is not a nuance of paper in sight), and it is probably this simplicity that made the mushroom shape so attractive to contemporary designers. No matter what the style of the room, a mushroom lamp probably fits.

Today, you can find new mushroom lamps everywhere, from the worldwide Cost Plus market to Flower By Drew, but it was some specific projects from the 70s that cemented the term and form in our modern design lexicon: the Murano glass design by Gambaro and Poggi for Vetri and La Panthella by Verner Panton for Louis Poulsen. Retro lovers can still find these originals on Etsy, Ebay and 1stDibs. Give it a name: Portobello! Enoki! And call him someday.

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