You and five friends can rent a private island in Florida for $ 50 a night in November this year

Celebrating the holidays will certainly be different this year. If you and your friends had a socially distant “friendship action” on your calendar, may be able to overcome it.

The travel website offers a group of six friends the chance to stay on a completely private island during the week before Thanksgiving (November 14-21). Called “Island of Friendship” (yes, really!), This vacation rental bubble sits off the coast of the Florida Marathon. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

The lucky group that guarantees this booking will be staying in a beautiful 5,000-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bathroom vacation home. Kayaks, paddle boards, a dock for boats and a launch pad for helicopters will be available. House Furniture Solution has also arranged for a private chef to come and prepare the best Friendship Action party for travelers, “so you can eat, drink and be grateful without worrying who will cook the turkey,” the listing says.

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Sounds very nice, right? Now I’m sure you are wondering what the cost is. knows you probably haven’t seen your friends this year as much as you’d like. While a week-long stay on “Friendship Island” normally costs $ 9,800 a week (yes, my eyes have widened too!), is doing a good job on it. The full week trip will have a fixed cost of $ 2,000 according to the press release “because it’s 2020 and you’re worth it.” Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

While it may seem like a lot, if you split the cost between six friends for seven nights, your grand total is about $ 286 per person for the entire week, or $ 47 per night. Property New

Interested? This once in a lifetime stay is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations will open on on Tuesday, Oct. 27 at 10am ET. You can access the list here at this time to try your luck in securing your booking.

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