Zellige Tile is the bathroom trend that is conquering the Internet Part 2

6 Use it everywhere

Combine your zellige tile backsplash with the tiled floor and shower walls, as done in this eclectic high impact bathroom designed by ETC.etera for the Firehouse Hotel. Real estate property

7 monochrome

We love the modern monochromatic look of this pantry designed by Arent & Pyke. Zellige tiles create a geometric backsplash comfortably above the pull-out shelves.

8 Just add a splash

Yes, these blocks can be expensive, but a big impact isn’t necessary. Zellige is the perfect counterpart to leaner design elements, such as the Shaker cabinets in this kitchen designed by Heidi Caillier Design.

9 Create a Mosiac

In this sophisticated corner of the Kingston Lafferty Design kitchen, the mosaic of colored tiles and zellige extends on the upper part, making the niche stand out even more.

10 pairs with a contrasting floor

Heidi Caillier Design has chosen to use zellige tiles on the walls of this shower for a feeling of earth that contrasts well with the fun and energizing green tiles on the bathroom floor.

11 Hide the mortar

The sparkling golden details of this bathroom, designed by Arent & Pyke, stand out against the grooved drawers in dark gray and black appliques. Gold works well with the pale blush zellige tile backsplash to warm up cool tones throughout.

12 Hide a hood

The zellige tiles in this space of Heidi Caillier Design create a rooted and sophisticated aesthetic and atmosphere, shiny and easy to use. This is due to the tiled hood, which transforms a typically bulky object into something elegant.

13 Create a pattern

Like the subway tiles, zellige tiles look especially beautiful when you create patterns with blocked colors. In this space designed by ETC.etera, the thin red stripe corresponds to the red floor and also breaks the white walls.

14 Opt for a neutral

In this texture-rich kitchen designed by Arent & Pyke, light zellige tiles add even more depth and intrigue. Warm tones on its surface soften the white ceiling.
Hadley Mendelsohn, design editor Hadley Mendelsohn is design editor at House Beautiful, and when she’s not busy obsessing over everything related to furniture, you can find her vintage stores, read or stumble because she probably lost her glasses again.

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